Classification Aerial
Location Java, Indonesia
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{{{othername}}} Episode "Ahool & Pinatubo"

"Remember the Wizard of Oz as a kid? A heartwarming story for children full of terrifying flying monkeys."

The Ahool is a cryptid that is investigated and featured on the episode Ahool & Pinatubo. On the investigation the team found distinct sounds similar to the locals say and thermal images. The Ahool's name is derived from the sound (A-hoool) it makes in the night while it hunts for food.


It is usually spotted at night and reports say that the creature has a monkey's head and it has an almost 4-foot torso that is coverd in thick gray fur and has a 12-foot wingspan. It is nocturnal and flies solo in nearby rivers and makes an unusual noise.

Named for its distinctive cry, the Ahool just may be the world's biggest bat. Ahools reportedly make their home in the dense rainforests of Java. They've got a 12-foot wingspan, hairy and gray fur, a flattened face with huge black eyes and a simian skull. Unlike so many of its rumored cryptid relatives, the Ahool has no supernatural abilities or deadly feeding habits. In fact, locals say it lives on a diet of fish.