Ghosts of Truk Lagoon/Japanese Kappa Monster
Season Four, Episode Thirty Eight
S04xE04 16
Air date September 30, 2010
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Ghosts of Truk Lagoon/Japanese Kappa Monster is the fourth episode of the fourth season of Destination Truth and the thirty-eighth episode overall. The team conducts the first underwater paranormal investigation in Truk Lagoon's shipwrecks and investigates the legendary Kappa. This episode aired September 30, 2010.

Episode Summary Edit

Ghosts of Truk LagoonEdit

The team flew to Guam and transferred to Chuuk Islands. After touching down, they drive their way using their rental car to government official, Mason Fritz, to learn more about the war and the sightings. Josh interviewed Regina Herbert, a local who had an intense sighting of strange lights in Etten Island, and Kelvin Davidson, a local diver that had weird experiences in the lagoon. The team heads to the docks and sailed their way to their first investigation site, the Shinkoku Maru.

Josh and Gabe dives while the rest of the team monitored the equipment. After several minutes in the investigation, Josh was stopped in exploring the wreck further by unexploded bombs. The team regrouped and heads to the second dive site. At a compartment, Josh was surprised when one of the trucks starts to emit an engine running sounds. They leave the wreck and heads to Etten Island. The team starts the investigation in two groups, Bobby's group is on Etten Island while Josh's group is on the Fujikawa Maru. Bobby and Shawn finds a cave and a building where they do an EVP session and searches the area with the thermal imager . Josh conducted his own hunt on the wreck and do an EVP recording.

The team heads home and analyze their ghost hunt. Their findings where submitted to the Ghost Hunters for expert analysis. The EVP session and thermal footage was proven inconclusive but the recording of engine sounds was considered unexplainable.

Japanese Kappa MonsterEdit

The team arrived at Tokyo, Japan and went to a Kappa temple after familiarizing with the commercial type Kappa. Shusho Kugi, a temple monk, directed them to Tono where most of the sightings occur. They reached Tono the next morning. Josh interviewed Toshiro Kapayanagi and Hideo Takahashi to know the creature's appearance and dwelling places. They used boats to get to the sightings and once their they'd set up base camp.

The investigation starts with two team. with extremely cold waters they'd do the investigation with extra caution. after several minutes, Vanessa found a dark figure in one of the IR camera that quickly disappeared and Josh felt something swimming beneath them while walking. Bobby found a lair like section of the river and headed back to basecamp while Josh found a cave filled with bats. With daylight approaching the team heads back home to analyze their findings.

The kappa bones which is from the temple is a canine bone. The image from the infrared cameras is identified as a huge trout or the Japanese River Otter which is a rare animal and the animal that brushed against Josh is an eel like animal.



  • "Fred Flintstone's Car" - is the rental jeep they used in the Ghost Fleet investigations. It is known to emit huge amount of smoke and has a hole inside the car making the similarities to Fred Flinstone's car.


Mike: (as their car creates a large amount of smoke) Does this thing go with a gas masks?
Josh: (inside their rental car) I've got some sort of a light on up here, Hope that's not an ejector seat.
Josh: (while on the dive site) Josh for Ali. I found a sweet can of Spam down here. Do you want it? Ali: Bring it up I'm hungry!
Josh: (to their boat) Pretty modern boat, and by modern I mean feudal Japan.
Josh: (to a bat hanging in the river side cave) What's going on, dude? First of all, have you seen a Kappa? Green, turtle shell, drags kids and horses into the river? (no response) What are your feelings on the Coppola Dracula? Gary Oldman, good choice, or are you more of a Bela Lugosi fan?
Ali: (finding a bottle while searching for the Kappa) Hey Josh, I've got some evidence.

Josh: Oh no!
Ali: Aw, looks like little Kappa's been drinking again.
Josh: He promised he was going to go straight. He's probably sitting in some strip club now, smokin'.

Ali: Making it rain... Now we have even more reason to find him!


  • The episode conducts the first underwater paranormal investigations in the wreckage sites of Truk Lagoon.
  • The dive sites in the Ghost Fleet investigations are the Shinkoku Maru, Hoki Maru and Fujikawa Maru.
  • The underwater paranormal investigation of the Truk Lagoon was one of Josh's favorites on the series. This is partly due to the unusual nature of the investigation, and partly because he was excited to be able to scuba dive in such an historically important and unique location.


  • Mason Fritz - Chuuk Cultural Ambassador.
  • Regina Herbert - Eyewitness.
  • Kelvin Davidson - Local Diver.
  • Shusho Kugi - Kappa Temple Monk.
  • Tina Greisman - Interpreter.
  • Toshiro Kapayanagi - Head of Tono Folklore Center.
  • Hideo Takahashi - Eyewitness.
  • Jim Dines - Mammalogist.
  • Mike Schaadt - Director, Cabrillo Marine Aquarium.


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