Burrunjor CGI

In Indonesia, Josh and team go ghost hunting in a rumored haunted cave that local villagers are afraid to enter. Afterward, they go in search of the Burrunjor, what local aborigines and cattle ranchers claim is a carnivorous bipedal lizard, 25 feet (7.62m) long that stalks the Australian outback.

Haunted CaveEdit

Most people in modern day Indonesia still have old superstitions regarding ghosts. This cave located in Java near the village of Bantul is believed to be haunted by villagers and none would even dare approach it due to the fear of ghosts and superstitions. During the investigation, Josh claimed to hear a woman's voice and a child's voice was heard on an EVP saying "Help Me". Whether the cave is haunted or not, the voices of those two people are most likely of those who either got lost in the cave while exploring it or perhaps got entombed in the cave during a natural event such as an earthquake or flood. They could also have during World War II or the Indonesian National Revolution of the late 1940's sought refugee in the cave to hide from their enemies and that is how they may have ended up getting lost inside the cave.

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