Lizard Man
S03xE14 156
Classification Hominid
Location Bishopville, South Carolina
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{{{othername}}} Episode "Ghost of Petra/The Lizard Man"

The Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp is a hominid cryptid that is said to live in the swamplands of Lee County, South Carolina. It was investigated in the episode "Ghost of Petra/The Lizard Man ".


It is said to lurk in the marshlands and crawls on four legs but can stand upright when it attacks. Described as half-reptile and half-man it stands more than 6-feet tall. It possess incredible strength that can tear a bumper out of a car. It is said to have scaly skin and piercing red eyes. It leaves three fingered claw line footprint that is said to been scattered through Scape Ore Swamp.


The first sighting of the creature was made by Christopher Davis, a 17 year old local, who said he encountered the creature while driving home from work at 2 AM on June 29, 1988. According to his account, Davis stopped on a road bordering Scape Ore Swamp in order to change a tire which had blown out. When he was finishing up he reported having heard a thumping noise from behind him and having turned around to see the creature running towards him. Davis said the creature tried to grab at the car and then jumped on its roof as he tried to escape, clinging on to it as Davis swerved from side to side in an effort to throw it off. After he returned home, Davis' side-view-mirror was found to be badly damaged, and scratch marks were found on the car's roof, though there was no other physical evidence of his encounter. He described the creature as half-man and half-lizard. In the month that followed the Davis sighting there were several further reports of a large lizard like creature, and of unusual scratches and bite marks found on cars parked close to the swamp.