Mike Morrell
Mike Morrell






Audio Engineer



Mike Morrell was an audio engineer on Season 4 of Destination Truth.


Working on Destination Truth provides Mike with an opportunity to expand his recording expertise while visiting some rarely seen locations. Based on the needs of this show he employes the use of special recording gear such as very sensitive digital stereo recorders, a parabolic dish to record sounds at distances of up to a mile away, and hydrophones to record underwater sounds. Mike is an adventurous and skilled mixer who can employ a wide variety of recording skills to record just about any sound in the field.

Mike studied at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, where he focused primarily on recording and experimental composition. He has been working as a sound mixer and engineer for TV, film and recording studios for over ten years. Some of his credits include Storm Chasers where he hunted tornadoes in the mid-west, Biggest Loser, Scream Queens, the film Magus, Party Monsters, Pick Up Artist, Beauty and the Geek, and the Emmy award-winning reality show, Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List. He worked closely with the band the Dilettantes and engineered their album 101 Tambourines. He's also produced and engineered numerous albums for his own band.