Siberian Snowman (Creature)
Siberian Snowman
Classification Hominid
Location Altay Mountains
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The Siberian Snowman is a bigfoot-like creature that is said to live in the Altay Mountains. It is investigated in the episode "Siberian Snowman ". It is described as a seven-foot tall bipedal creature known to live in the Altai Mountain Range.

Siberian SnowmanEdit

Twice the size of Australia and with one of the lowest population densities on the planet, Siberia is truly the end of the earth. Entire regions of this frozen wasteland have hardly been seen by human eyes. For centuries, the few Russians who do brave this isolated landscape have been encountering a strange and terrifying animal that has become known as The Siberian Snowman. Often described as a 7-foot tall biped with human-like features, the hominid is said to have broad shoulders, a low protruding brow, and long, matted hair. First witnessed by nomadic tribes, the Yakut and Tungus people named it "Chuchunaa," or outcast. In 2002, an unknown mystery primate brought much attention to the mystery; it was found dead in a trap, and was believed to be the remains of a Snowman. The carcass later disappeared without a trace from a village in the Verkhoyansk region. As recent as 2009, an influx of 12 sightings has motivated local Kemerov State University to organize an expedition to finally confirm or deny the illusive creature's existence.