Classification Aquatic
Location Vietnam
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{{{othername}}} Episode "Sea Monster & Bat Demon"


With a lion's head, six stubby legs, the body of an ox, a turtle shell and a tail tipped liked a scorpion's, the Tarasque is a legendary sea creature of Vietnam. In the Hulong Bay region, local legends say the Tarasque came from the home of the Onachus — a bison-like creature — and was the product of an Onachus mating with the Leviathan.

The Tarasque terrorized the Asian lands until Saint Martha came to charm it with hymn and prayer. When she led it back to the village, the people attacked it, and it died without fighting back. Its noble sacrifice helped Saint Martha convert the people to Christianity. Since then, like the Loch Ness monster, people continue to claim to see the head and tail of the Tarasque poking up from the local waters.