Thai Tree People
Thai Tree People
Classification Hominid
Location Thailand
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{{{othername}}} Episode "Thai Tree People/Ayia Napa Monster"

The Thai Tree People also known as the Naree Pon is a creature that Josh investigated in an episode of Destination Truth.


The Naree Pon or "the Tree People" are small humanlike creatures that are said to grow on a tree from the Himmaphan forest. The story behind the legend is that whilst travelling in the forest area, a monk was sent the Mak Ga Ree Pon by Buddha to keep him company. They are said to be produced very much like the fruit of a plant, growing from a stalk attached to their heads and form into small beings. It is said the fruit perishes after seven days.

Probably the most surprising thing about these "tree people" or "vegetable people" as they are sometimes called, are that when scientists carried out tests on the Mak Ga Ree Pon x-rays showed skeletal remains inside the bodies however the withered flesh was found to be derived from plants.