Josh and team explore the Blue Mountains region near Sydney, Australia, Australia to find evidence of a Bigfoot-like creature called the Yowie. Afterward, the team camps out at an allegedly haunted mosque deep in the Malaysian jungle to record evidence of paranormal activity.

The YowieEdit

The Yowie is the Australian equivalent of the American Bigfoot. The Yowie has it's roots in Aboriginal Mythology and sightings have taken place as far back as the 19th century. Sightings of Yowie have taken place in other Australian states such as Queensland, Victoria and the Northern Territory but most sightings have taken place in New South Wales at the Blue Mountains near Sydney often at night time. Yowie's often live in groups and travel together. They are rumored to live in heavily forested areas usually where there is a stream or a river. There have been no sources heard of Yowie's physically harming human beings but apparently they throw rocks whenever they see people. They do this to protect their territory.

Haunted MosqueEdit

Malaysia has a reputation for being one of the most ghostly countries in the world. Original Ethnic Malay ghost beliefs have now being mixed in with Islam, Buddhist and Hindu beliefs. Islam has played a major part throughout Malaysia's history going as far back as the 10th century AD. A Mosque is the Islamic equivalent to a church. This mosque however was built back in 1937, and for an unknown reason in the 1960's, was abandoned most likely due to a storm or a flood. The Mosque is rumored to be haunted by a girl who died at the time the mosque was abandoned. Villagers are afraid to go to this mosque. One visitor went there to find his dog and after seeing a ghostly apparition inside the mosque vomited blood.

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