Vasque Boots


Boots for hiking, climbing and more.

First seen on:

"Werewolf/Arica Monster"

Last seen on:

No Information Available

The Vasque Boots is the hiking boots that the team used in episodes of Destination Truth. It is mostly seen being weared by Josh.


When packing for a trek around the globe, the most important consideration you can make is probably your boots. Entire expeditions have failed due to faulty footwear, and at the very least, an uncomfortable pair of boots can turn a dream trip into a blister-filled nightmare. The only testimony that matters when it comes to boots is performance. Forget how they look, forget what they cost. All that matters is how they fit and how they hold up. I wore a pair of Vasque boots to the summit of Kilimanjaro and it felt as though I was hiking in comfortable slippers. They were breathable in the sweltering heat of the mountain's base and perfectly warm at the glacial summit. On Destination Truth our Vasques took a terrible beating and kept on going strong. From South Carolina swamps, to Israel's salty Dead Sea, to the icy heights of The Great Wall of China, we trekked through more than a dozen countries without issue. The boots were so muddy by the time we landed in New Zealand that customs officials made us wash them in a sink. They cleaned up like new though, and we were abusing them again in no time.